Common object metadata

qbec provides an easy mechanism to set up common metadata like annotations for all objects produced. For example, you may want to set up a team annotation for all objects.

You do this by defining a post-processor. A post-processor is a jsonnet file that contains a single function like so:

// the post processor jsonnet must return a function taking exactly one parameter
// called "object" and returning its decorated version.

function (object) object { 
    metadata +: { 
        annotations +: { 
            team: 'my-team',

Note that the argument of the function must be called object.

You then set the postProcessor attribute in qbec.yaml set to the path of this file.

Note: It is possible to abuse this feature to do a lot more than adding metadata since it is a hook that allows you to do almost anything to the supplied object. Abuse with care :)