Jsonnet glob importer

In many situations it is useful to be able to import a bag of files as an object. For instance, it is convenient to load all environment configuration files present with a single invocation to import to pick up all files found without having to name them individually.

For this purpose, qbec supplies a glob importer for importing a bag of files using a glob pattern. It supports two variants, one for importing the files that match the glob as code and another for importing the files as a string (suitable, for example, for YAML files).

The basic syntax is:

import 'glob-import:subdir/*.libsonnet' // imports all libsonnet files from the subdirectory


import 'glob-importstr:*.yaml' // imports all YAML files in the current directory as strings

Let’s say that in the first example you had files a.libsonnet, b.libsonnet and c.libsonnet in subdir/. This would result in the following code being evaluated by jsonnet.

   'subdir/a.libsonnet': import 'subdir/a.libsonnet',
   'subdir/b.libsonnet': import 'subdir/b.libsonnet',
   'subdir/c.libsonnet': import 'subdir/c.libsonnet',

In the second example if you had a.yaml, b.yaml and c.yaml in the current directory, the following code would be evaluated:

   'a.yaml': importstr 'a.yaml',
   'b.yaml': importstr 'b.yaml',
   'c.yaml': importstr 'c.yaml',

In both cases, the keys are paths to files relative to the directory where the import was invoked, and the objects are the objects as returned by the jsonnet import and importstr directives respectively.


  • Globs are resolved using Go semantics. It is not an error for the pattern to not match any files. In that case, an empty object is returned. If you want to treat this case as an error, you can do so in the jsonnet code after the import is done.
  • Library paths are not considered by this importer. That’s because it is ambiguous as to what *.libsonnet means when there are libsonnet files in the current directory as well as in the library paths.
  • The object keys that are returned typically have to be post-processed in jsonnet to make them usable (e.g. stripping directory paths, removing extensions etc.). See the globutil.libsonnet file in the qbec source tree for ideas.