Standard jsonnet variables

qbec exposes the following standard jsonnet variables whenever it evaluates components.

  • - the name of the environment for which processing occurs.
  • - the properties associated with the environment if present or an empty object. For the baseline environment (_), this is set to the baseProperties object define in qbec.yaml.
  • - the tag specified for the command using the --app-tag option.
  • - the default namespace in use. This is typically picked from the environment definition, possibly changed for app tags, or the value forced from the command line using the --force:k8s-namespace option.
  • - has the off or on. The on value is only set for the show --clean command.

In addition to the above, qbec will also set the default values for declared external variables and override them from command line arguments.

See the component evaluation page for the gory details.